Skills Development Facilitators in South Africa


Equity-Analysis-icon-v2 (1)PIVOTAL stands for Professional, Vocational Training and Academic Learning.

Every year each company submit (suppose to submit) their yearly statistics related to a) training completed, b) planned training for the next year and c) list of their scare and critical skills. We call these reports they submit: WSP (Workplace Skills Plan – 12 months planned training) and ATR (Anual Training Return – training completed the past 12 months).

The different SETA’s consolidate this information and then submits its top 10 priority skills (compiled from the submissions above). This list is referred to as the PIVOTAL list (short for Professional, Vocational Training and Academic Learning). This list is one of the sources of information used to inform the top 100 list of Occupations in High Demand that is published annually by the Department of Higher Education and Training. This is used differently by various stakeholders but its main purpose is to inform planning.

In short, the Pivotal List, also referred to as table consist out of the following:
1. Consist out of the Scare and Critical Skills of the SETA. (As identified by the companies/stakeholders in that sector)
2. Contribute to full qualifications. (With the aim of achieving a higher level, not just filling gaps.)
3. Additional criteria set by the different SETA’s in order to achieve their targets.